Safe and Sound, There’s No Place Like Home

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3 Responses

  1. Lader says:

    sounds like a fun trip! what is canda’s wonderland!??!? that could be interesting.

    montreal somehow seems dirtier than toronto looks here, and from what i remember their streets were wierd…not that we had to drive anywhere, but even walking was rough sometimes. glad you had a fun!

  2. Shadowgeist says:

    Canada’s Wonderland is like six flags.
    But better.
    Cuz its Canadian.

  3. Albrta says:

    Glad you had fun at the concert and that is beautiful pic you took. Actually gets me to try to crane my head to see the top. lol
    Miss you in game. =) Im sure you may have read websites but once you get your crafter part done of epic you do two turn ins and your done.
    I think the earring is more of the epic than the cloak. Its awesome. =)
    I hope to talk to you in game soon when they fix their issues. =/