Trip Down Memory Lane

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  1. Rao says:

    I still have my first character as well. He was a character that I created in beta and then recreated with the character creator disk that came with the pre-order. He is a high elf wizard named Aeudiar.

    The first quest I completed with him would be the original quests from the Isle of Refuge. I didn’t play the game long after launch… not even making it through the first month. When I returned to the game last October, I transferred him over to my new play server. I didn’t have any reason to since he was only level 14, but it was just the nostalgia of, “This was my first toon.”

    Before I transferred him, I logged him in over on his original server. In his journal, he still had the quest that we used to get as we approached 20… the quest to finalize our class selection. That quest, along with several others, poofed in the server transfer, but he still has some items in his bank that are no longer present in the game. Most are just completed food items and resources harvested from nodes. The food is usable, but the resources aren’t. I haven’t brought myself to delete them yet even though there is no reason to hold on to them, but it is just a reminder to me of how the game has changed over time.