Lazy Afternoon Projects

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7 Responses

  1. Tipa says:

    I have a service ticket to my provider for it but no response yet and from work, I can’t do much. When I get home, though, I’ll get on the phone and find out why my website is gone.

    I am SO changing hosts. I am SO ANGRY at the moment. I can FTP to my site — and all the content is just gone.

  2. stargrace says:

    *hugs* I know that feeling, OH SO WELL. What the heck is it with hosts lately hmms? Hope you’re up and running soon.

  3. Lader says:

    hey you should check this out

    hope that makes you squeal all girlylike

  4. stargrace says:

    *SQUEELS* Thanks for the heads up Lader!

  5. Openedge1 says:

    I wonder..
    What is up with those sigs from EQ2 players anyways. I remember getting ridiculed on a forum as they kept saying
    “Go play your game…your still level”so and so””…yet, I was 5 levels ahead of that
    How stupid…ok…well embarrassing…

    Now you have made me think i need to create my own…hmmmm

  6. Cuppycake says:

    Nice sig Stargrace!

    I used to make sigs all the time. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve made if you’re interested in seeing it:


  7. stargrace says:

    I’ve done a few, as well as paperdolls, have a post on the SoE forums actually offering to make some, hehe. a hobby, but lots of fun.