Enter the Vulmane Druid

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5 Responses

  1. João Carlos says:

    Someday they will ra-launch the game with the Trial Island. Problably they will make the performance better before that. They will revamp some the cities like they make to Khal and they will change the models and textures.

    If you aren’t confident enough to play Vanguard after 20th you can wait the re-launch.

  2. Lishian says:

    When I played Vanguard, it seemed better to craft an actual items when you were a few levels higher than that item. It seemed to be the only way to craft a pristine piece. BTW: Unless it has changed since I played, bags sold like hotcakes.

  3. MrrX says:

    Haha, my character Barkscratch is a Vulmane Druid too – min maxing for the win ! I agree with you, the starting story was very well done for them and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  4. João Carlos says:

    Lishian, bags are sold like hotcakes yet. The problem is that now there are more tailors and outfitters at level 50, so there are more bags being sold at the market.

    However, with the item nerf that the game had, now the BETTER gear come from crafting. And the crafters have more items for make, including some items are consumed when used.

    Currently, the second better way to be rich is be a haverster and sell materials to crafters. The first better way to be rich is be a haverster and a crafter and sell crafted high quality items.

  5. jsquirrel says:

    I’m not resubscribing to Vanguard until their animal races come at least up to par with those of EQ2, appearance and animation-wise (and that includes having tails!) It’s all about the appearance of my toons for me, and Vanguard’s in general are stiff and shoddy.