Down goes Mayong, Vampires and All..

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7 Responses

  1. Someone says:

    Grats on downing MM. Tough in t-7 and still tough in T-8. You can also pick up T-8 masters from that zone which is nice in itself…. I do not understand you crafter types… I get bored too easy and will only craft if I am chatting and get bored of watching the wall for strange movements……

    Troubs are tougher to level and more groups use melee in crawls, so Dirges are alot more common. Help me get mine to 80 and I will take your place if you want!! =p

  2. stargrace says:

    We haven’t found any T8 masters there, only T7, so I’m not so sure about that. No way are you taking any of my group spots with your dirge, we have enough dirges already! I want more room for the troubador.

  3. Soneone says:

    I am going to defect to a Troub eventually, but it is tough as you said to get groups and solo as a Troub. My Dirge to be a Troub is lvl 57 … my Dirge is lvl 40

  4. stargrace says:

    Still can’t have my spot. -.-

  5. Lader says:

    you cnat get any masters over 70 in any eof or kos zone. I dont think you can in shard of fear either, but thats a unique situation since it is a t8 intended instance.

  6. Borgio says:

    Awesome!! Huge Congratulation on killing Mayong! Ive only managed one trip into MMIS and we didnt get as far as him but one day I aspire to see him also dead at my feet.

    T7 raids are still a challenge at T8, at least until everyone is 80 and Mastered out of course! Good luck with your next raid!

  7. Eremon says:

    Just stumbled across your nlog doing a google search, nicely written. I found it very interestign how close our two guilds seem to be as far as progress. We are still trying to down Mayong and discovered a few more levels was not the easy fix to this guy. We seem to really struggle with him even though the rest of the zone we usually do with very minimal deaths and pretty good speed.

    Tonight we go into Thuuga for the first time, wish us luck.

    P.S. Any advice on Mayong via email would be very cool, would so appreciate it.