Tomb of Thugga? Not likely

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5 Responses

  1. Lysari says:

    If it makes you feel at all better – it wasn’t just AB, it was actually the entire server farm at SOE San Diego. Vangaurd, EQ Online, etc – all went down. It made me feel a bit better knowing that it was a continuation of the same problem.

  2. stargrace says:

    Not having the zone re-set would have made me feel much better *chuckles* I read their note posted last night about it being multiple games / servers. It still sucks.

  3. ogrebears says:

    I think the major problem is there are more people on AB than AB can handle.

  4. stargrace says:

    The server crashing had nothing to do with AB at all, they posted a note about multiple games losing connection from multiple servers, not even restricted to EQ2II

  5. mmorpg says:

    I don’t mind Zone resets if timed appropriately and done well.