Figures.. Here come the Nerfs

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9 Responses

  1. Tipa says:


    Though I didn’t replace any weapons or armor on Dina (troub), I did replace some of her jewelry to get spell damage and combat damage. Dera (cleric) has had almost ALL her jewelry replaced, a piece of armor (legs) and her healing shield — she still has her OMG shield from Fear, but the one from RoK looks cooler, like a demon head.

  2. ogrebears says:

    I think people are a little bit to drastic with stuff like this.. Stats stay the same the effect get cut in 1/3 that not really that bad. The heal item that does 450 turn in to 150… that not that bad really

  3. stargrace says:

    The heals were only 160-250 to begin with. 1/3 is a lot smaller then a 150 heal, makes the procs on them (the main reason why anyone would choose these items) pretty worthless. When you play a healer, you realize just how much those items help / do.

  4. Evrett says:

    Cant you use the buy-back feature ? Obviously this was needed to prevent huge inflation so realyl the only problem I see is the dev dancing around the word “Nerf”. It make it look like they are afraid.

  5. stargrace says:

    Buy back is only available for the last 10 items you sold to vendor. I don’t disagree at all that it was needed, I agree. I just think it sucks that a lot of people have already upgraded their gear and sold off T7 fabled / legendary based on some of those procs that are now being changed.

  6. Keen says:

    To be quite honest I don’t believe the “oops we missed it” line. In all the testing both beta and in-house no one saw this? Seems to me they just decided it was too strong.

  7. Killzum says:


    Thank goodness I kept all my fabled and legendary I replaced and popped it in the bank. I figured they might nerf them because of the procs etc, so made a conscious decision to keep EVERYTHING I replaced just in case.

  8. Kalamaf says:

    The original post says ‘lowered by about 1/3’ not ‘lowered to 1/3’ so in Ogrebears example if you started at 450, post-nerf it would still be 300, not 150.

    I haven’t upgraded much stuff myself so far, just with quest rewards, and a new mastercrafted club, I don’t think I’ll be seeing much difference with my mostly solo play style.

  9. quylein says:

    personally I think anyone that sold their T7 fabled gear for the new stuff deserverd not having it meaning the relavent people who have 1/4 a brain would and could relized that overlord heal and the proc’s on tresured was a bit overpowered. I said it the minute I seen I could complete heal a full group all by myself with one cast of group ward and any healer that thinks or didnt relize it would of been nerfed proby shouldnt have fabled to begin with. Meh! that’s just me I’m mean and think stupid doesnt deserve rewards. Do I think this should of been sorted out before release? Yes, emphatically! But since day one of EQ2 their itemization sucks and has always sucked. Just look at the differance between rewards from TD to any of the older newbie area, Hell even Steel was barly and upgrade from the newbie gear I was wearing on my alt.