Rise of Kunark – First day is always the Best

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  1. Mythokia says:

    Still at 0 discoveries here. Yeah, the solo quests are tough because of the mobs hitting like a truck, but I think I had more difficulty wandering around getting lost looking for the mobs I need to hunt than actually hunting them.

    The treasured armor pieces are pretty sweet, but I still can’t bear to replace any piece of my EoF legendary because it’ll break my set bonus. I was surprised to how many items had 6 FT or more on it. Damn, those FT stuff were so sought after and hard to get last time.

    I wish there was a *little* more quest for each level, I find myself going up the levels too fast in some of the questlines ending up with mobs I can’t quite kill, but maybe I’m just doing it wrong and should be looking elsewhere.