SoE Customer Service Comes Through Again

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5 Responses

  1. ogrebears says:

    Wow after a few month i would of felt like there was nothing that could be done. But i guess there still can be, i’ll have to remeber that.

  2. Mythokia says:

    That’s pretty impressive and I wish I could say the same about SoE’s customer service, but the one time I had to use it, it wasn’t entirely satisfactory, although it’s lightyears ahead of what I was used to with NCSoft’s support.

  3. Adele says:

    I’ve always had really good xp with them too! They have even given me back a character that accidentally got deleted, numerous items, and contacted me personally on IM when I have had an issue! Pretty good people.

  4. Someone says:

    Bet that took alot of research on the GM’s part. I am glad they took the time to go back so many months.

  5. Gunthore says:

    Nice, I’m glad to see to see they were able to help you and congrats on the items.