Common(lands) – Weekly Zone Review #1

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2 Responses

  1. Selaici says:

    No I did not know that about Rilkrik (or the lightstone starter)
    What level are the shoes that Rilkrik sells?

    Nek Forest is actually one of my favourite zones memory wise. I remember the early days with Selaici on his level 20 SK horse with it’s stupidly fast speed buff (that was later fixed) charging around doing quests that were red to him simply because he could out run anything nasty that wanted to kill him.
    I also remember the day Drac, my friend the wizard, and our friend the swashbuckler snuck through Nek Forest to get to the commonlands. None of us had ever been in Nek Forest before and didn’t know the way. The Swashbuckler kept using his smuggle ability and we crept through the trees having to hole up every now and again somewhere safe when his spell ran out and he had to wait for the recast. Great memories 🙂

  2. stargrace says:

    He’s got a treasured pair of 24,35, and then legendary at 45. They’re slightly better then the Jboots, for 20g and of course the destroyer of orcs title.