A Little bit of Kindness, goes a long way

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3 Responses

  1. Cordanim says:

    Dem’s some nice pants! Congrats!

    I’d also been wondering who the hell Bloodpact was! LOL

    That sounds like the same crap Reddawn went through…went 4-5 years in EQ with no problem, and a year into EQ2 someone complains about the name because it had something to do with some army operation…/shakes head

  2. Lader says:

    omg grats!!!
    and ya know, i love playing with my wii, (strictly the gaming platform, dont go wandering into the gutter, star) especially zelda, that was a great game. but yeah theyve had a TON of accidents where people hit something like walls, one lady hit a chandelier and had to go to the hospital. hope she gets better soon. your mom that is.

  3. Akely says:

    Being nice is pretty fun, mostly. And it is nice to see you where rewarded for good deeds. Once Ireceived stuff sent to the wrong person. I realized it was a mistake and sent the rare back, I think it was a feysteel cluster. Never did get a “oops, thanks” back. /shrug

    Your blogpost remind me if an idea I’ve toyed with: to set up a Guild of do-gooders. People that ONLY help out, give always, wanting nothing in return (but of course accepting payment and/or gifts). I’ve always wanted to know what would happen and how much people would use/abuse that Guild. Perhaps one day I will do a blog about it. If I ever get around to setting a blog up.