Well Hello There Naithi

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4 Responses

  1. Lishian says:

    Not drab at all. I’m sure many feel exactly the same way as you do. I have felt the same before. Try the PVP server if you haven’t… it adds a whole new layer to EQ2.
    How many times have you run from the TS griffin to TS? No problem, right? On a PVP server, you have to remember that there might be some Freeportions somewhere between point A and point B that want to pk you! When you have nothing to do… no raids… no quests… you can always go and gank some players.

  2. stargrace says:

    Unfortunately, I’m pretty anti-pvp, especially on this game in particular. I like to quest, and enjoy doing it in peace and quiet, I don’t want to have to constantly be looking over my shoulder to see if someone is about to gank me. I played pvp on both WoW and VG, and I loved it on WoW because there’s really no quests I was trying to do. But EQII is way more about the quests and quiet enjoyment of the game to me then it is ever about the pvp.

  3. Mythokia says:

    I was in a bit of the same situation when I played.

    I was in a guild that raided weekends, and occasionally once on a weekday. Partially, it was also due to me being a in different time zone from everyone, and unable to join a full time raiding guild that requires attendance every night, EST. After awhile, there was only so much that we could accomplish, and although there were a couple of zones we haven’t raided, it wasn’t quite possible for us unless we turned into a “uber” full time raiding guild. My interest in the game started to decline then, because I’ve reached a stagnant point whereby progression wasn’t really happening, or possible.

    @Lishian: As for playing on a PvP server for EQ2, I didn’t really like it either. Games that are designed for PvE ground up, and the slapped a PvP ruleset on top generally don’t turn out well. The game has to be designed with PvP in mind, and around PvP. Seeing that you’ve played Lineage 2 at some point, you should understand what I mean.

  4. Lishian says:

    True… EQ2 wasn’t designed to be a PVP game, but it does add a little bit of spice to the game.