Wait.. what did you just say to me?

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4 Responses

  1. Adele says:

    First Grats on the levels! Second, yeah I hate when people do that! One person posted on mine once that I was illiterate american and that Bush sucks… I was like ok… and you think I will leave that up there!

  2. ogrebears says:

    I have a Dirge right now but i’m unsure as well what to make of her. There very very few Troubadors, (When i did the number for level 70 player they were tied for 24 place with Corecers). At the same time everyone and there mother want a Dirge in there group, So i went with dirge but i’m still not sure which i want.

  3. ThunderAB says:

    Chances are they do not know what kind of a person you are then … I have seen noting besides you being a very freindly player and a competent one … Unfortunatly guilds ris and fall all too frequently… when they depend on a small core it is all the more devestating when they leave… Grats on your Trouby =)

  4. Tiya says:

    “I have absolutely no issue with people expressing their opinions on a post, or disagreeing with me about everything under the sun”

    Figured that would be a nice opener, to see if you actually mean what you say!

    Will keep this simple, it wasnt just Rapture that left. There were others, about 6-7 or so?

    “it pisses me off that they came back to the game after ripping the best guild apart that I had been in”

    Nothing was ‘ripped apart’ we just left, maybe you could have taken over and run things yourself?
    As someone said, guilds rise and fall.