Unrest, and uh.. what was I doing again?

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3 Responses

  1. Kilanna says:

    Sorry I had to dash of real quick this morning.

    I very much understand the conflicting priorities that you are expressing. Enjoying both the grouping/raiding side of things and also just pottering about doing your own thing

    The night before last I logged in and could not believe it. Before I had even fully zoned into game I had 3 tells and a group invite. Right now I am on cloud nine and relishing every opportunity, but I have also loved doing my own thing so am pretty sure I will want to get back to that one day.

    EQII is a whole bunch of fun and I love it – but I will quit the day it becomes a chore.

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Star,

    I was interested to which named you were referring to:

    Brock’s thermal shocker is actually one of these really important quests especially if you’re doing EoF raiding. Why? Because the thermal shocker is the exact distance you need to stand away from the 2nd last named in Freethinkers, and lets you avoid the two AoE’s. Don’t sell it to vendor, you can hotkey and use it from inventory, and it does 1k dmg or so (two hits) so keep it!

    What named is this. I’ve been in Freethinkers, but didn’t know which named this was talking about.

  3. stargrace says:

    I forget his exact name, it’s the one that you all have to be in the room for his script to begin, where a floating man over head hovers – his two aoe’s are reaching rot and searing rot, one hits if you’re too far away, and the other hits if you’re too close. So if you stand at the range of brock’s thermal shocker, you avoid both the reaching and the searing. Hope that cleared up which named it is, it’s the 2nd last one in the zone, there are only 4. The first is the werewolf, the 2nd the woman who points, then the guy with the two aoe’s and then the final boss with the coffins.