So you want to be a raider

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6 Responses

  1. Cordanim says:

    It wasn’t me that sent the tell – HONEST! I’m all out of character slots!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Kilanna says:

    There is no accounting for some people is there? You are right – if someone does not care for your work here, then they dont need to read it – no need for nasty tells in game.

    From a personal point of view, a lot of things you write are common sense. But it is also true that some things come a lot easier by asking questions and people helping you.

    You of all people know that I am personally in the middle of a huge learning curve with regards to grouping and raiding. I am not stupid, but there is a HUGE difference to my 55 levels of solo play and my current mix of grouping and raiding. Some I have picked up, but I am also not too proud to listen to ideas from people who have played for a long time.

    I just hope that you dont get bored with me asking you questions in game πŸ™‚

    IMHO while you are solo, you can stuff around as much as you like. However as you point out, when you are in a group or raid it is just respect to your colleagues to watch what you are doing and then everyone has a lot more fun.

  3. ogrebears says:

    I’ve never understood why there is a healer parse. In my guild we have 5 differnet channels set up (fighter, mage, healers, scouts and DPS). and the healer parse goes in the healer channel, and DPS goes in to the DPS channel. So since i’m not a healer i never see our healer parse.

    But i still don’t understand why there is a healer parse. It seem kinda pointless to me, since the healers in the MT group by deafult are going to heal more than thouse out side, and then again certain healer classes are going to heal for more than others. So i’ve allwasy felt it was kinda pointless

  4. Alex says:

    Agreed Ogrebear. Being a raid healer, I get pissed when they parse the heals. MT group is overpowering heals vs a support or off group. I mean there’s some encounters where I’m just spamming tauma cure and spot healing, and they parse it… It’s embarressing sometimes. Healing parses should only be used in the case where you are trying to motivate healers to get on the ball imo.

  5. Keen says:

    I agree with Ogrebears on the healer parse. I may not have much experience raiding in EQ2 but from my experience in previous MMO’s where I spent the majority of my time raiding I found the parses to be an inaccurate way of measuring who is doing their job. The only time I would see a need for parses of ANY sort would be when there’s suspicion that someone isn’t doing their job – but even then in EQ2 with 24 people you don’t need a parser for that. One person not doing their job is blatantly obvious.

    I can’t wait until my Brigand is high enough to try a raid in EQ2. πŸ™‚

  6. Stan says:

    Good article man. These basics are very helpfull for new guys starting raid. What I would add here:
    – you must know what assist mean, and what’s the difference between assisting or targeting thru,
    – you must know how to create macros and how to use them
    – you must know how to behave on pulls (this come from experience). When to preheal your MT, in what order casts spells/debuffs etc
    – everytime you must go AFK, say it on raid channel and set flag. it really helps a lot to raid leader,
    – on most imporant thing – DO WHAT YOUR LEADER ASK YOU TO DO, WHERE TO STAND ON PULL etc.

    One thing always amaze me. People tend to forget on raids, that there are 23 other guys who depends on you. Going ninja afk, or departing from raid after 30 minutes of raiding really pissed them. You need to feel and be responsible.

    As for parsers. DPS or heals – it’s all about competition. Ofcourse they might be inaccurate (specially heals) about how hard you play. But it’s always fun for most of ppl. As I play templar, I have lots of fun when I outdps stricte dps classes or outheal shamman in my group (MT or support group).