The Mines of Meldrath, and the assassin gets a new look

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5 Responses

  1. Fred says:


    Can you tell me how to two box on my computer? I have never done this, but think that it would be cool to switch my station access to two EQ2 accounts.

    Will I be able to do it with an AMD 3000 computer with 1GB of RAM?


  2. stargrace says:

    Well, two boxing is fairly easy on one machine, I’ve never done it any other way actually, though I hear all the time about people using two machines. My method is easy. I play windowed, once one character is logging in I click the shortcut to EQII and open another game, log in with the second account (also windowed). I play both accounts on balanced settings (or play on max settings if I have one account going) and have little to no lag. I tab between the two windows and since I’m always grouped with myself i just let the windows completely overlay one another, there’s no reason I need to see both at once. I’ve boxed in both EQLive and EQII as well as WoW, so I’m quite used to it, it does take time to perfect though. You adjust your play style slightly and learn to arrange skills on both characters in a similar pattern so you can remember them.

    As far as your computer, erms, I really have no idea. I have a duo core with 2 gigs of ram, and a 7600 GT e-Ge-Force video card, it runs like magic. But I also leave the computer stuff up to the fiance, so he’s the one I ask all my questions to *chuckles* I know Cordanim boxes, as does Gaff from trot line, they can probably help you out better then I could for that sorta info! 🙂

  3. Cordanim says:

    I’ll make a suggestion on the system setup…your processor should be able to handle it – what video do you have? You may want/ need 2GB of RAM to handle the two sessions and you most likely won’t be playing on balanced settings without the high-end video like Stargrace has.
    Myself, I two-box on my notebook quite nicely – it’s an Intel duo-core 1.86GHz HP w/ 2GB RAM and a 256MB ATI X1600 video card. I run in High Quality mode when just on one character, and put it down to High Performance w/ 2…
    Hope that helps ya Fred – without knowing what video card you have, though, it’s tough to say if you can do it effectively or not – the video is the key.

  4. Fred says:


    My video card is a 256MB Gefore 6600.

  5. Cordanim says:

    I’d say you’d be fine with similar settings to mine then – see how it is with 1GB RAM. Only other thing I’d say my notebook has over your system is the duo core processor which may make a difference. I’d be trying it though 🙂