Level 52, 53.. and it’s time for new digs

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2 Responses

  1. Kilanna says:

    I hope that this doesn’t seem like a really silly question – but how do you work the mechanics of 2 accounts on one PC? I just always imagined you would need 2 PC’s.

    Do you have to use a lot of macros? How do you work it so that you healer is working and protecting your other toon while they are in combat? If it was indeed viable, i would consider taking over my husbands account cos he doesn’t play much anymore.

    Maybe I just cant imagine it because my machine isn’t so brilliant and it takes a few seconds just to tab between my EQII and an already loaded webpage:)

  2. stargrace says:

    I don’t have any macro’s at all actually, heh. I just uh.. hit a heal over time (if I’m on the fury) or a ward.. tab over to the tank… tank away.. it’s a shadowknight so he has a lot of his own heals / life taps as well… tab back over to the healer, who’s on autofollow.. cast another heal.. tab back over… Not a silly question at all.

    I do have a duel core, which is nice, and I can run two copies of EQII (even three if I get really feisty) as well as msn a web browser.. so the computer make up plays a huge role in it.. it’s very very simple though. No hassle of two monitors, or keyboards, or whatever.. I just use one for everything. I’ve done it in EQLive forever, so it was natural to want to try here. I set my settings to balanced instead of the very highest settings which is what I play in when I’m just playing with one account.