Stuck on you… literally

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  1. João Carlos says:

    The dots and you:

    The dots are a way to say to players if it is a mob the player can solo or need a group for fight.

    2 dot mobs – solable, you alone(any class)can kill it.

    3 dot mobs – if you try solo it there is a chance you will be killed, they are for duos or trios (not full groups, groups with 2 or 3 members)

    4 dot mobs – if you try it you will be problably killed, they are for groups with 4-5 members.

    5 dot mobs – if you try it solo you will die, they are for full groups.

    6 dot mobs – run for your life, raid mobs, 3 full groups for kill, call the army, Godzilla is attacking Tokyo!

    Where you find mobs with more than tow dots? Inside dungeons… so, some dungeons are better with a group, or at least a duo or trio. Boss mobs deep inside the dungeon are problably 4 or 5 dots, normal mobs inside the dungeon can be 2 or 3 dots.

    Raid mobs ARE 6 dots. You will NOT see one soon, raids start at level 30. They freed some 6 dots big red dragons at last day of beta, everyone and its pets were fighting it and dieing, a lot of tombstones all over the place, a lot of spells flying over our heads, a lot of fighters fighting the beats, the true big lag fest…. and a lot fun.

    They just made the xp gained from 3 dots and 4 dots mobs higher. Well, it is a group game, they are giving more rewards for grouping.

    There are classes that can solo 3 or 4 dots. It is dangerous because if something goes wrong you die. I don’t believe that there is any class that can solo a 5 dots.

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 12 / armorsmith 15

  2. Gothun says:

    So another words, it’s just like the ^^^ in EQ2…except there’s 6 instead of 3. =P