Rushed Tradeskill writs.. and preparing (again) for raids

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2 Responses

  1. Adele Caelia says:

    I agree that would make it very unfair to the people who weren’t at the top of the list.

  2. Nomore - Splitpaw says:

    Price fixing = greed – pure and simple.

    If people want to undercut others to get the sale, everyone benefits. Price fixing is the worst thing that can happen in any economy, what the people who want price fixing don’t realise is; it will through time affect them also – if they don’t have certain tradeskillers to twink there alts, supply their main etc – they will end up in the same positions as everyone else – forced to pay too much for the simple crafted things they need. It’s a free game world we play in – i.e. no president/governing body to impose unfair rules upon us (apart fom soe – lol) lets keep it that way – PRICE FIXING IS A BAD THING!!!!